This is the branch of dentistry that takes care of substituting any missing teeth and ultimately giving the patient cosmetic comfort and functionality. There are two types of prosthesis; removable and fixed.

Fixed prosthesis:

Veneers are all ceramic restorations that are cemented to the front of the tooth. This procedure consists of replacing the visible portion of the tooth with custom-made porcelain, giving the illusion of the natural tooth enamel.

Inlay incrustations are restorative procedures in where a part of the tooth is custom-made in porcelain.

Onlay is another type of incrustation where it is necessary to cover some of the cuspid of posterior teeth with porcelain.

Overlay incrustations are restorative prosthesis custom-made where it is necessary to cover all of the cuspids in posterior teeth.

Porcelain crowns are made out entirely of porcelain and they will cover the entire tooth, giving the tooth a stronger support.

Removable prosthesis:

This term applies to all prosthesis that will substitute some of the missing teeth, and the patient may remove it anytime he/she wishes. This prosthesis is made out of a rigid or soft material.

Complete prosthesis:

This prosthesis is a complete denture that may be removed by the patient at anytime. It is custom-made for patients that are missing all teeth. This prosthesis’s base may be made out of a rigid or soft material.