Alternatives to Sweets This Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, serve up something special for your sweeties. No reason to put your teeth, or your health, at risk by devouring sugary sweets. Kiss the candy goodbye!

1. Heart-shaped pancakes: Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and whole grain pancake mix to whip up a breakfast everyone in your family will love. And, no arrows necessary. Take that, Cupid.

2. Fruit kabobs: Give the apple of your eye a kabob loaded with grapes, cherries, and strawberries. Serve with some low-fat yogurt or pink cream cheese. Voilà! They’ll go bananas over it.

3. Nuts: Give them crunchy treats this year. After all, you’re nuts about them anyway, so why not help them eat healthily?

4. Stickers: What better way to say, “I’m stuck on you!” than to give your kids a bag of stickers instead of a bag of candy.

5. Lip balm: Pucker up and read my lips, Valentine! Moisturize those smackers and get ready for some healthy eating this Valentine’s Day.

Reference: TylerFamilyDentistry

Alternative to sweet Valentine'S Day